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Thursday, September 17, 2009

And the Winner is....

Hi Ladies:

Thanks for all of the great ideas. You all saw those earrings in a different way and I really appreciated your input. I got 10 different suggestions. It was hard to choose, but the winner is.....

Oh, before I tell you that, I want to tell you the story of the Tube Beads. I know, some of you must think that I am obsessed with them. They are sort of a theme for me. But they come from a very real place and a need to create.

You see, last September, at a pow-wow, my husband gave me a gift. It was a beautiful sterling silver wolf pendant with dangling sterling silver feathers. But it had no chain. He gave it to me in a very romatic way. He bought it without me knowing and slipped it in my hand as he was walking me to the porta-potties. Yes, it was romantic because... well, just take my word for it. If you have ever camped at a native american pow-wow, you understand the need for some help sometimes to get safely to and from the porta-potties.

The thing was, the pendant had no chain. My husband had told me to "see what you can do with this" when he gave it to me, and I did not want to put this beautiful piece on just any silver chain. So, off I went to the local shop that had a good selection of Sterling beads. I chose 4 very large silver beads, a heart-shaped lobster claw clasp and some leather cord and went home to be creative.

Well, you can see the finished piece in the attachement or in my photo album on the group. I created the long and short tube beads and then adapted the long beads into the earrings. I wore them for the first time that October and got ohhhs and ahhhs from everyone. But this is the first time that I have made the pattern available.

I chose not to tell you that story till after you had given suggestions because I did not want to color your imagination with anything but the beads. And I think you were all very successful.

So without further ado.... The winner is .... Tammy U. with "Indian Summer". I love the name because it sums up not only the colors, but also the time of year that I created the piece and the time of year that I got the gift... and well, just too many things to tell.

Tammy, I will send the pattern to you as soon as I have it done up. Everyone else, thanks for your help. Keep up the creativity. and Happy Beading.

Check out my selection of original beadweaving patterns at
(under Bouncing Wolf Creations)

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  1. What a darling story! (Who would have thought that I would say that about a story including a porta-pottie, but I did!) You're lucky to have someone so romantic.


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