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Monday, April 2, 2012


When I first started making lampwork beads, I really did not have a plan.  I just tried making new bead, after new bead, after new bead.  And I ended up with a collection that was really busy, but not really good for anything.

As I have moved along, I started trying to make matching beads to make earrings.  I have done several matched pairs and made several pairs of earrings.

So, now it is time to move on and try to make a true SET!!

I have been able to spend two good session in my studio over the past several days.  Here are the beads from Thursday:

This was my "starter bead" that day.
  Nothing special.  Just some fun!

Then, I moved on to making some yellow and orange beads.
The two-color beads were intended to be discs. 
 But I think I still need to work on that technique.

Then, I got out my favorite color and went to town.
I love these striped beads and plain spacers. 
Can't wait to make them into something special and wear it.

I also made some plain red beads to add the the Red, White and Blue beads that I have been making.

One of my goals for these two sessions was to not get bead release in the ends of my beads.  I think I did pretty well.  The secret is to not play with the shape.  Let the glass flow into it's shape.  It will.  Just give it time.

One Sunday, I got to spend about two more hours in my garage studio.  I wanted to try to add to my Red, White and Blue beads and see what I could make with them.  So these are what I came up with.

These are two-color beads with a ring of dots.

And these are Red and white striped beads.  They should help me make something with the collection.

Then, I wanted to try to make some beads to add to the Yellow and Orange set.  So I started with a transparent green core and worked a white and orange strip pattern around them. 
 Except for the fact that one is lopsided (too much clear glass on one side)  I think these are fun too.

I want to spend a good part of my day today making some of these beads in to finished jewelry pieces.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you where they are posted on the net.

Have a great day.

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  1. You are coming along really well, Beth. Keep up the good work.


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