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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update Part II

I have also been doing some beading.
I am getting ready to vend at my first Pow-wow of the season.
Until I started spreading it all out, I didn't realize how many pieces had accumulated over the past year and a half.

I decided to go through my inventory and see what might need some updating and what was good to go.

Some of my bracelets needed some work.
Because I am a smaller person (my wrist is 6 inches in diameter), I tend to make my bracelets on the smaller side.
And when I am looking for a bracelet, I find that most of the ones out there are too big for me.
The bracelets that seem to work the best for any size person are cuff bracelets.

So I decided to update some of my Native Motif bracelets to fit Cuff blanks.

I started with  my Wolf Tracks Cuff.
This is a piece that I origional made for myself.

But with the origional toggle clasp,
the piece kept falling off my wrist.

The updated cuff can be molded to fit my wrist perfectly!!
I now LOVE wearing this piece.

I took this piece on our camping trip to update.
I think the new version looks great and would fit anyone!

Bear Paw Cuff Pattern
I debated about backing this piece with black leather also.
But when I went into my tool box on the trip, I only had the off-white.  And I wanted to keep working.... So....
Off-White won!

This pattern is available at:

And the finished piece will be in my vending tent
at the Pow-wow next weekend!

Well, I'm not finished with my update yet.
I saved the best for last. 
Check Friday's post to see the newest piece that I just finished.

Hugs and blessings,

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  1. Love your cuffs. I think the idea of putting them on a cuff blank is a cool idea. Like you said, it could fit more people that way.


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