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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March is "The Month of the Turtle"

Turtles are a symbol of both a beginning and an ending. You see, in order for something new to have room to grow, something must come to an end.
I hope that the new that starts to grow-- soon-- is the flowers, and the grass, and the leaves on the trees. And that the thing that comes to an end is the SNOW. I live in the North East and we have had way too much.
But I guess I should not complain too much. Being snowed in has given me a lot of creative time. I have a lot of new ideas in progress.

The first set that I would like to share with you is my "Turtle Tracks" set.

I just posted the new Lighter cover for sale. Here is a photo.

I personally love the leafy green fringe on the bottom of the lighter. One beader commented that it made it a bit more "girly".

It is available right now at (in the lighter covers category) & at

I love the motif so much that I have designed an entire set of jewelry to go with it. Here are two of the other pieces that are coming.

I hope to have the earrings posted on March 3.

The bracelet should be ready by March 10.

And the pendant/necklace (which I have not photographed yet) should be done by March 17.

I am also hoping to have a barrette to complete the set on March 24.

All of the patterns will feature complete instructions to finish the pieces. I hope you like them and that your Spring begins soon and Winter ends quickly.



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