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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And I don't even smoke....

Why would a person who does not smoke spend so much time creating beaded lighter covers?  Good question.  Here are my answers.
  • Lighters are a handy tool for everyone.  They are not just for smokers.
  • A lot of people around me smoke and ask me for a light
  • If my lighter is has a beaded cover, I know it is mine.  It's harder for someone else to pocket.
  • I can make an ugly lighter look a lot more attractive by beading the cover.
Lighters are not just for smokers.  They are a useful tool.  I use mine in my crafting.  They are great for fusing a rope or cord, and they can also melt the cut end of a piece of ribbon to keep it from fraying.  When we are camping, I use my lighter to light camp fires and citronella candles.  And around my house, I use my lighter to illuminate the candles that I have all over the house.  They are much easier to use than a pack of matches.  So I like to keep them all over the house.

When I am at pow-wow's in the spring, summer and fall, I am surrounded by people who smoke.  You would be surprised at how often I am asked for a "light".  When I share my plain lighter, I often don't get it back.  However, when I share a beaded lighter, I can very easily claim it as mine.  Although I must admit that sometimes it makes it harder to get back because of the bead work.

My beaded lighter covers also give me a great way to show-off and share my beading passion.  Lighter covers also help me to personalize and unify my accessories.  They make great gifts for the smokers and candle lovers in my life.  They are quick and easy to make and can be done in almost any style.

Lighter covers are not just for smokers.  They are a useful tool for anyone.  You don't have to carry a plain, ugly lighter.  Bead a beautiful, creative cover and you'll be proud to carry a lighter too!

The photos in the post include (top to bottom) "Wolf Tracks", "Turtle Tracks", "Bear's Paw" and "Owl".  I have several other designs in the works right now.  The list includes Horseshoe, Gecko and Feathers.  If you have any ideas that you would like to share, please e-mail me or leave me a comment.

Bouncing Wolf Creations

beading weaving patterns can be found at &


  1. I love your lighter covers Beth. I think yours are the first ones I've seen with fringe. Keep up the good work

  2. Your lighter covers are really cool. I just have one them to your patterns. This will allow people to go get the bead patterns to make their own.

  3. Hi I'm looking for the turtle and bear paw lighter cover patterns I'm unable to find them on the links u have listed above please if u can email me to thank uveyy much Wendy


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