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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Angle on the Bangle

I know I have been a bit quite here for the past two weeks.  We have had some illness sweep through, and then came the recovery period, quickly followed by the "increased creativity period".  I must say, I don't look forward to illness or the recovery, but I do look forward to the increased creativity period.

It seems that whenever I get sick, my brain gets to hit it's re-set button.  It dumps a lot of useless stuff that is just taking up space and it has room for a lot of new ideas.

That brings me to the title of this post "A New Angle on the Bangle".  My recovering brain turned to creative thoughts of bracelets.  I wanted to do something that was not a cuff for a change, so I found a "New Bangle".

What do you think????
So far, I have two finished.  The blue one features my "Wolf Tracks" motif. 

And the pink one is inspired by my daughter.  Her native name is "Barefoot Butterfly."  I had the pleasure and honor of giving her that name.  She is a fancy shawl dancer and she hates to wear shoes, even in the snow.

I hope to come up with at least one more bangle motif idea.  I am thinking along the lines of roses or another flower.  I'll add photos of those when they are done.

May is going to be "Bangle/Bracelet Month" at Bouncing Wolf Creations.  Look for the patterns for these bangles and others coming the beginning of May.


Native-style beadweaving patterns available at

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