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Friday, July 15, 2011

Operation: Baby Spoon


Some of you may remember about a week ago, one of the members of the Bead Patterns Boutique Forum Group, Carol, was asking about a gift for a nine-month-old granddaughter.  The group suggested that she try a beaded baby spoon handle.

Well, my muse heard this and was off to the races.  In the midst of my studio reorganization, I started working on some ideas that might work. 

I must say, it has been trial and error.

My first step was to go to Walmart and look for baby spoons.  I had three criteria in mind:

1) pick a brand that would be easy for people to get all over the country (i.e. it had to be a big name brand)

2) It had to be age-appropriate for the baby

3) the shape of the handle had to be easy to work with.


These are the two that I decided to bring home.  Both fit the age criteria.  The one on the left is distributed by Walmart, so I thought it would be pretty accessible and the one on the left is by Gerber.  I don’t think you can get much more well known in the baby world than that name.  I like the shape of the handles on the ones on the left the best, but I decided to give both a try.  Also notice, the ones on the left are a set of spoon and fork.  That was a plus in my book.

I sent photos of the spoon that I had chosen to Carol to ask for her input.  She mentioned that she like the ones with the colored bowls the best, so I decided to start with those.


From past experience, I know that it is easier to bead around a smooth object if you first cover it with either leather, ultra suede, felt of another material.  So, I covered the handle with some grey felt.  I am not sure that I would use this method in my final version.  I am not sure how the felt will hold up under washing.  I am thinking that a table cover plastic might be a better choice and a non-water soluble glue would be a good choice.  But this gave me a place to start.


Then I started beading.  I am trying to coordinate with my “Sweet Sentiments Pen Wraps”, so I chose a white background and I am working in Tubular Even Count Peyote. (I have a tutorial available here).


These handles are pretty tapered, so they do require an increase from time to time.  But with the heart motif that I have chosen to use, I am able to camouflage it pretty well.

As you can see, I still have a long way to go.  But my muse and I are getting along really well.  We are having a great time exploring the possibilities.  Hopefully, I will have this pattern done within the next week. 

Thanks for bouncing by and sharing my creative process with me.




  1. Cool start on you beaded spoon, Beth. I wouldn't want to put too thick of a covering on it as the baby might not be ale to hold it right.

  2. AWESOME job Beth what a great momento


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