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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Contemplating Cat Collars


I will freely admit that I know almost nothing about cats.  In fact, I am allergic to them.  That being said, I have been asked by some fellow beaders to design cat collars.  So today I started doing some research.

I do know that cat collars need to be “break away”.  I am not 100% sure why.  I just know they do.  So, I can’t use a dog collar for a cat. 

I started at the dollar store.  I found some really ugly cheap things there.  Most of them were covered with rhinestones.  I knew I could not use those to bead on, so I kept looking. 

Then, I found these:


The bell on the collar gave me a clue that it was supposed to be for a cat.  That seems to be the other thing that all cat collars have in common.  This one is 9/16th inches wide and can adjust from 7 inches to 12 inches.  I bought this one and one in black.

Then I went to the grocery store.  I know, a crazy place to look for a cat collar, but we have some pretty well stocked shops around here and I have found some unique items in them.

I found this one there:


This one is 7/16th inches wide and can be adjusted from 8 inches long to 12 inches long.  And it says right on the buckle “Safe Cat”.  Oh, and it has the bell too.

So, now I need to figure out which size is used more commonly by cat owners.  If you have a cat, I would appreciate a comment with the width that you use.  It would really help me with my research.

I have some design ideas in the works, but I just need to get the width right before I start to bead.

Thanks in advance,




  1. I use the narrow one, Beth - and I usually have to add holes 8 inches is too big for my cat

  2. Beth, I tweeted this so other cat lovers will be able to answer you, too.

  3. hi beth,

    i think most cat owners use the narrow one, and we use the break aways because our kitties like to get into things. if they get snagged the collar will release keeping them from choking. personally i like the bells since it lets me know where my monster is and she can't get outside. hope this helps.


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