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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dog Collars

I know I have been very quite to a while.  Life and loss have really hit me hard.  But through it all, I have come out with a new beading obsession. 

I have a new puppy.


This is Tanner Charles Rudy.  He is an AKC Golden Retriever.  As of Saturday, he will be 20-weeks old.  He came into my life at a very dark time, and brought a lot of sunshine and inspiration.

With my last dog, I was obsessed with bandannas.  But with Tanner, I wanted something different.  For Tanner, I have been designing and making beaded Dog Collars.  Here are some of my designs to date.




Four Color Diamonds
(loom & Peyote options)

Patriotic Puppy




Bailey – A Flower Power Collar

“Nala Dog Collar Motif with Alphabet”



“Paw Prints in My Heart”

“Cactus Flower Dog Collar Motif”

The patterns for these collar are all available at and  I tried to design patterns with a motif that could be repeated in such a way that you could customize the length of your collar to fit your Fur Baby.  Some of the patterns even include an Alphabet to help you personalize the collar.


This is my first attempt at a leather collar.  Of course, I had to do this one for my little guy.  He is not quite big enough to wear it yet, but if he keeps growing as quickly as he is, it won’t be long.


And this one is the most recent one.  I bought this pink collar with another project in mind.  But I picked up the wrong size and it was to short for the beaded band.  It sat on the design table for a week or so, just staring at me and daring me to do something feminine.  Never having had a female dog, I was at a loss for a name.  I asked some friends to help me.  Carol DeLong came up with the name I chose:  “Hearts n Lace I Am”.

I have a lot more ideas coming.  So stay tuned.  And if you are looking for something special for your fur-baby, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I would be happy to work with you to make something special.




  1. LOVE these collars, Beth! Especially the one you made for me. <3

    Thank you again. :)

    Woofs & hugs,


  2. Very nice collars. Lovely work.

  3. Those dog collars are so cute! I always wanted to make my own but I am not all that crafty. I'm going to give it a try.
    Thanks for your great ideas! Cant wait to see more.


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