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Monday, January 9, 2012

Re-thinking Fireline

From the first time I tried Fireline, I Hated it!  My first project using Fireline became so hopelessly tangled and tied in knots that I swore I would never us it again!

I have since learned… Never say Never!  Usually, when I have done that in the past, something forces me to do what I said I would not do.

That was the case here too!!

Little did I know that my Daughter becoming a pastry chef would inspire/cause me to use the dreaded “F” thread again.

Meghan loves to make pastries.  She and I like to make cupcakes.  They are easier to eat at a party and go faster than a cake usually does.  We have seldom had to bring any home from any place we took them.

But how many can you eat??  I know, some will have not problem.  But me, they go right to my waist and hips.  So I decided to make a tealight cover so I could have cupcakes around all the time.

With all the wonderful fragrances in candles now, I can even have these smell like cupcakes if I choose.

The problem is… I needed a thread that would not melt but was still transparent.  The choice was obvious.  I had to try working with Fireline again. 

As you can see, I was successful.  And I learned a few things along the way.

Tommorow, I’ll share some tips I learned from re-thinking Fireline.



By the way, the pattern for “Sweets for the Sweet” is available here":


  1. Glad you retried Fireline. It can tangle and be quite a challenge until you make friends with it, but it is, by far, my favorite beading thread.

  2. Walter suggested that I try the crystal fireline. He used it to go fishing last week and fell in love with it. I might give it a try again. It doesn't have the funky feeling of some of the other colors of fireline. Only time will tell.


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