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Monday, January 30, 2012

Creating Awareness

Happy Birthday, MJ
Today, my handsome son turns 22!  I can't believe the years have gone by that fast.  Seems like just yesterday, he was holding my hand to cross the street.  Now, he is student teaching and about to graduate from college.  He is also engaged to a beautiful young lady and will be getting married this summer. 
So, today, I just want to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  and tell him I AM PROUD OF YOU!!

Lately, I have been obsessed with Awareness Ribbons.  This is a project I have wanted to do for a while now.  My life has been effected by so many issues.  Several of my friends are Breast Cancer Survivors.  I have a young lady in my life who is a survivor of Childhood Lukemia.  I have other friends who have served our country in the Armed Forces.  I have friends who have been touched by Domestic Violence.  And my own family has been touched by Animal Abuse.  I have wanted to make collars for our fur-babies to help bring awareness to these causes.

But, it wasn't until a fellow beader asked me to create a collar for her to support Breast Cancer Awareness and Relay for Life that I actually got a start on the project.  I did two versions of the Small Awareness Ribbon Collar Motif and posted the pattern last week.  Because the small collars come in two lengths, the pattern includes 4 versions.  I did both lengths in both loom and peyote stitch.  Something for everyone.

 Then, my future daughter-in-law's Mom saw the photos of the collars that I posted on Facebook and asked me to make a version for her "little boy" Max to wear.  So this is the collar I created for him.
I didn't want the medium sized fur-babies to be left out.  So I went on the create and post the patterns for the Medium Awareness Ribbon Dog Collar Motif.  This pattern also includes both the loom and peyote versions of a short and long medium dog collar.  That is 4 patterns in one.  I decided to stitch this one as a yellow ribbon collar to support our troops.

And now, I am starting on the large versions of the collar.  After all, Tanner is considered a large dog.  This one is for my future daughter-in-law's dog, Moocow.  She wanted pink ribbons with the purple relay background.

But for Tanner, I am going to do Purple Ribbons on a yellow background.  I want his collar to support the Prevention of Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence.   These two causes have really impacted our life in the past month.  I'll keep you posted as I get the large versions done and posted.

Update on Tanner

Tanner went to the vet last Wednesday to have his stitches removed and to get his annual physical.  He weighs 76 lbs and, according to the Vet, is in perfect health.  His ear infection is even cleared up.

Now, we just need to get the scabs on the side of his face healed up.  We are washing his face twice a day with mild oatmeal puppy shampoo.

And he also needs a bath, badly.  But the groomer can't fit him in until Thursday, so I am toweling off his paws after each play session.  We have had a lot of mud and rain here lately.
Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes for my boy.  We celebrated our first "Gotcha Day" on Saturday.  And I do mean Celebrated.  It  was a great time!!


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