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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this series of Blog Posts for a Special Announcement:


It means different things to each one of us.

For some of us, it is a hobby and for others a profession.

Some of us Design and some of us interpret the designs of other in beautiful ways.

Some of us sell our beadwork and others give it away as gifts.

But we all share one thing in common,

We LOVE to Bead.

Whether you are just starting out in the beading world, or you have been doing it for too many years to count, now is the time for you to share:

What Beading Means To Me!

Each of us has made a special piece of beadwork that has special meaning for us.  It might be your first piece you ever made, or a memory bracelet that you made as a gift for a friend.  Maybe it is the necklace that you made when you finally learned that new stitch you have wanted to learn for a long, long time.  Whatever the reason, we would like to hear from you.

All you need to do is send a picture of that piece and a brief description of why it is special to be entered in the contest.

Send your photos to  Be sure to put “What Beading Means to Me” in the Subject line of your e-mail.  I’ll put all the photos and write ups together and we can all vote for the winner.

And we have some spectacular prizes for the three winners.

First Prize is a $50 (retail value) “Beader’s Gift Pack”  full of some wonderful beading items provided by our own Gail Devoid, or Need for Beads.

Second Prize is a $20 gift certificate for Delica Seed beads.  (you get to choose the colors and they will be shipped directly to you).

Third Prize is a Pattern Pack (details to follow)

Deadline for  entries is June 15.  Voting will be open from June 17 -22.  And the winner will be announce on June 24.  (Just incase there is a tie, that give us time for a vote-off).


Beth and the Design Team


Bead Patterns Boutique FaceBook Group Opens

 We know that many of you are frustrated with the new format at Yahoo Groups.  The Design Team is working to move the group over to a Facebook Group.  We are already open and posting messages.  Some of you may have already received an invitation to join the group.  We are following the mold of several other beading-related groups that have moved before us.  The group policies will be the same as they have always been in the Yahoo Group, we just think that the process of communicating will be a whole lot easier for everyone.

If you would like to join the Facebook Group and have not received an invitation yet, just click on this link and join:

Hope to see you there!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Blog Post, which will appear here on Friday!

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