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Monday, May 12, 2014

What is on my Beading Table -- Part 1

Lately, on my Facebook page, I have been posting photos of my "works in progress" with my beading table as a background.

I get a lot of questions about the items on the tray and about the tray itself. 
So, I thought I would take a few posts and share some of the things that I have found useful with you.
I'm going to start with the tray itself.  It is called a "Bead Buddy".  I purchase it at A.C. Moore using a 40% off coupon several years ago.
I love it because of it's size and also because it has a two layer beading mat on each side of the case.

That's right, I said 'each side'.  The other great feature that I love about this board is that it has two sides can be attached with removable hinges.
And when I am done working, or when I need to step away from my beading while we are vending, I can just close the case and not worry about anything getting spilled.
Pretty snazzy, hugh?
I loved mine so much, I went and bought the "junior" size also.  It is great when you have to sit in a smaller space to work.
These get a lot of work all year long and I would be lost without them.
Here is a link to the Bead Buddy main site.  I am not sure if they sell direct, but I am sure they can help you find a retailer in your area or an internet source if you are interested.


  1. I love that beading tray. I've been thinking about getting a beadonit board, but they're expensive and don't have a lid - not that I travel any farther than one room to the other.

  2. cool beading tray. one of these days I will have to get something like this


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