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Friday, June 15, 2012

Camper Beading

Mike, Tanner and I are on the road again.  We were called out of town to celebrate the life of a dear friend who crossed-over a few weeks ago.

Because the family lived about three hours from us, we decided to make a “trip” out of it.

We started off in a hotel, because our camper dealer was close to our destination.  Our camper needed some work done that was covered under our warranty, so we decided to take advantage of the time and get it done.

This was the first time Tanner had stayed in a hotel.


He did really well.

Then we picked up our camper and headed to a nice KOA in the area.

We were supposed to attend the Memorial/Celebration on Thursday, then stay through the weekend to vend at a Pow-wow in honor of our friend.  But due to lack of participation, the Pow-wow was cancelled. 

We chose to stay anyway. 
And I got some beading time in.
Here is how I set up my beading space in the camper.


This is our dinette in the back of the camper.  After I clean up breakfast, I am free to spread out and get some beading done.


It isn’t a bad way to bead.

This is my view! 
 (Much better than the concrete walls of my basement)


And, my sweet Fur-Baby is never far away!


My travel bead-box even has a space to sit.  Just within my reach.
I am getting a lot of beading done and having a great time.
Hope everyone is doing well.



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