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Friday, June 8, 2012

Torch Time

It feels so good!
The escape into the world of fire and glass!

I am one happy girl!

Yesterday, I got to spend two glorious hours with my torch.
I had a goal.
I wanted to work on making "long, skinny beads".

I was inspired by an article in an e-book that I just added to my collection. 

You know, sometimes, you can see instructions on working something many times and still not get it.  That is, until someone explains it to you in a way that clicks for you.

Or is it just that you are finally ready to hear the explaination?

Well, whichever it is, yesterday, I took on the challenge of making these beads following Cynthia Liebler Saari's instructions in the article "Getting the Skinny" which is featured in the e-book 10 Glass Bead Making Projects:  Flamework and Lampwork Techniques.

The photo in the upper right corner was my inspiration.

How do you think I did?

I worked with my favorite color, purple, first.
I did two beads, reversing the placement of the colors.

Then I tried to challenge myself.
I chose Orange and Transparent Yellow.
I did a swirl for the center of the tapered bead.
The other bead is done in rings that fused together.

Before I stopped for the day,
I could not resist having some 'real fun'.
I wanted to practice my dots and placement.
This one is my daughter's favorite.
She said she loves "bumpy beads".

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