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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Re-working continues!

Well, the next cuff re-work/update is now in progress.

The next bracelet that I have chosen to update is the "Stained Glass Roses" bracelet.  This piece is done in Brick Stitch, so the re-work was a bit more challenging. 

The cuff blanks that I use are approximately 6.25 inches long, so I had to adjust the design to fit that length.

The origional was pretty close.  In fact, it was just a bit longer, so I had to remove a row or two from the design.

Of course, I started with my computer program.  I use BeadTools4.  I find it to be a very user-friendly program.

Then, I move on to the beadwork piece.

After I removed the button and loop from the origional closure, I started doing the froggie stitch. 

Rip it!! Rip it!

Then I sort most of the beads and start "re-working" the design.

I measure the "finished" piece against the cuff blank to be sure it will fit before I cut the threads.

And when I am done, I have a brand new piece that will make a great cuff!!

The pattern for the Stained Glass Roses Cuff can be found at Bead Patterns Boutique.  It includes and option for you to download my step-by-step finishing tutorial with the purchase of the pattern.

Hugs and Blessings,

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