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Monday, March 12, 2012

Making More Beads

I have been blessed over the past week and a half to spend several hours in my "glass studio" and I must say, I am having a wonderful time.

The first day, I worked on some techniques.  I did some barrel beads and come dot beads.  They came out pretty well, but I realized that I needed some work on my dots.

I watched several tutorials on YouTube.  Different people do things in different ways.  I was hoping I could see what it was I was missing.  And I did.... I think.

Saturday, I spent two hours working on nothing but dots.  I also decided to stick with a color palet of Red, White & Blue so that I might be able to do something with the beads when I am done.

Here are the results of Saturday's session:

I think these Dots look a lot better than the first ones.  There are not extra strings!!!

I just got 4 new books on glass beads!!! Yes, I said 4!!!  Can't wait to dig in.


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