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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stripes, and dots, and swirls.... oh, my!

I got some more time to play yesterday and here are the results.

I decided that I am either not ready for sculptured work yet, or I don't have the right tools yet. 

 So, I practiced Dots and Swirls.

I started the day making a simple dot bead. 
 It was a great way to "warm" up!

Then, it was on to stripes. 
These beads start with a royal blue base bead.
  Then, I placed 4 white dots around the equator of each bead.  Before the dots could melt in to the bead, I placed  a layer of Clear glass over the whole bead.
 When the clear glass melted in, the white dots formed stripes.

Then, I moved on to make a pair of 'triangle' beads.  
The base bead on each of these is red. 
The Blue dots were supposed to form triangles under the clear glass when it melted in. 
I am not sure that it did, and I will need to try some more of these to get them right. 
But I will say this, They Match!

My final bead for the day was a bit more complicated.  I actually made two of these beads, but one cracked while I was cooling it.
This bead started as a red tapered barrel bead.
I then took stringers (narrow rods of glass) in white, blue and milky white and wrapped them around the glass.
I let them melt into the bead, then I squished the bead.
I heated the bead to allow me to use a tool to drag the colors as you see them here.  Then I added the three clear dots on top.

I want to work on all of these techniques more and more!  I am having a great time.

Tomorrow, I'll show you some of the great way I have found to "wear" my beads.



  1. Keep up there and you will have a wonderful collections of your own beads.

  2. Beth thats very nice i like it - have you learned to put a loop on yet, the last one would look nice as a pendent. Luv Jax

  3. Love them. It is great how they come together. I have watched my friend at the bead shop make beads, so I recognize what you are saying. Keep loving it.


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