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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, Beady Sunday!

I spent yesterday afternoon playing in my "glass studio" with my torch and my thoughts.

I had some goals for going out yesterday.  I did a lot of reading and was ready to try some new things.  But first I had to tie up some loose ends.

Remember these two Red, White and Blue beads that I made last week?  I was not happy with them as a pair.  So I wanted to try to make one that would match one of them.

The bead in the lower right hand corner is the new one that I made yesterday.  I am pretty thrilled with it as a match for the one at the top!  Now to make something with those.

Then, I moved on to make this pair! 
 I am feeling pretty good about my "dots"

Some other things are going to take some more work.  The bead on the left was supposed to have a raised flower.  But as you can see, it turned into a swirl bead.  The flower did not go as planned, so I decided to play with swirls to get some practice in that area.

The center bead is okay.  I would like to see my flowers get a lot better than this though.  And the one on the left is the same.

Then, there are the things that make you say
 "What was she thinking?"
I agree!  This one needs some serious work! 
But I just had to try.

Well, I went through a full tank of fuel yesterday and quite a bit of glass, so I am not sure what I will do today.  But I thought I would share these with you today.

Have a good day!


  1. Wow Beth the glass goddess

    You are amazing, love them all


  2. The last bead is half great. Maybe you tried to do to much and just got tired. Keep this bead to look back on to see your progress and know that each time you are improving. Andrea

  3. I am so impressed by these beads Beth, you are for sure going to be our glass bead goddess :)


  4. Keep working at it, Beth. You are getting better and better.

  5. oh how lovely. You being a beginner, cannot wait to see what else you come up with.... these beads look great! Ellen


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