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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wearing My Beads!!

The only thing better than wearing something that you made is having someone notice that you are wearing it and compliment you on it.  I have to say, I got to experience both yesterday.

But let me back up and tell you the story of my day.

I started with my daily trip to Wally World.  No day in my life is complete without this trip.  As my daughter and I are both feeling the effects of whatever is going around right now, I made this trip to stock up on cough and cold products and Apple Juice.  (That is Meg's one request when she is sick).

While I was there, I decided to stop in the crafting aisle to see if they had any memory wire.  I know I have some somewhere, but I will be darned if I could find it yesterday.  They didn't have the memory wire, but they did have these:

What are they?
 And why did they excite me? 

They are sterling silver plated hoop earring!

With a latch back closure!

And they are designed to show off.....
Wait for it.....

Glass Beads!!!

This is the first pair that I tried. 
But I think they might be a bit heavy to wear.

Then, I did these.
  I was wearing a navy blue shirt yesterday and they looked great with it.  I wore them to the gym (yes, I did) and my best friend noticed them right away.

It was a super good feeling.

Hope you all have a great beady day!



  1. So lovely!

    And why shouldn't you wear them to the gym! After all the whole point of going there is to LOOK better. ;D

  2. Glad you were able to find the hoops to display your beautiful glass beads. I am sure that anywhere you wear them you will get wonderful comments on them.

  3. Those are beautiful earrings. you should be proud.

  4. What a great boost for your confidence. I know you'll continue to learn and make more and more spectacular beads in the future. I love those frosted looking ones!

  5. AWESOME!! Bet it won't be long before you are selling them left and right - and right out of your ears. ;o) Loving the journey!


  6. So glad you got to wear your beads. They are so pretty. And thank you for showing a wonderful way to show them off. Wonderfully simple and simply wonderful.
    Enjoy them.


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